The booming business of weapons: Winners and losers

a tweet from the manufacturer of the lethal AR-15. It was from 16 May, 2022.

Shocking tweet from the manufacturer of the lethal AR-15.

By Dr. Hassan Humeida

KIEL: Weapons are proliferating worldwide and are particularly plentiful among the poorest sections of the population.

Weapons can kill people, but cannot feed people, in any way, anywhere.

A big business can be made globally with weapons and their trade, buying, selling and exportation. This is in favor of the weapon manufacturers and the weapon lobbyists all over the globe. Weapons are made in many countries, especially the rich ones/ They are purchased worldwide, and weapon makers, marketers, and weapons business winners remain the same.

The victims of weapons also remain the same. They are victims of revolvers, guns and more. There are customers who mishandle or experiment with weapons and those who do not have anything to do with weapons – No use, nor experience.

Sometimes the victims are peaceful people shot by others using weapons.

They are innocent victims of rampages through targeted shots or bombings or mines. Regardless of how they were shot or bombed, killed intentionally or by accident, they remain victims of weapons.

The business of weapons is booming around the world in times of fear from one another.

In the so-called modern and civilized world, more and more people feel obliged to protect or defend themselves if necessary with the most precise and lethal weapons available in the modern factories.

The arsenal of weapons within the families is growing bigger and the armory is getting huger day after day. Some of these arsenals, even in private houses often remain reachable.

Weapons become the most important toy of our time. Even children are eagerly awaiting reaching the age of 18 to own their own weapons, deal with them or show them off to their peers as a special possession.

Let’s just put ourselves in the place of someone who has lost an eye or two through weapons, lost a loved one or more through weapons shot, and experience how he feels.

Let’s think deeply about how people who have lost one or both legs through mine or bomb feel.

It is pure luxury for others to own weapons, or wait to acquire them. it is high time to start thinking about weapons and their uses as general danger that can restrict peaceful life in public, even in schools, shops and all every day facilities and premises.

The booming weapons business, whether it is weapons in countries or in private hands, is a sign of the regression of mankind in modern times.

Poor countries fight one another with weapons imported from rich countries, and the poorest countries in the world are at the forefront with weapons imports and big business.

Countries that are not even able to provide their own citizens with much enough food are in hurry to get the most modern weapons. There are more terrible facts about the business of weapons. A business that legalizes everything, including taking the lives of peaceful civilians.

Weapons in private hands are not to be seen other than as an invitation to hostilities and eventually war between individuals that can expand further as wars between houses, blocks, neighborhoods, and entire communities. The poorer they are, the most afflicted they are.

Armament and owning weapons make it possible to separate people by race, color, creed, personality, etc. Fear is transplanted and manifested in people. Everyone then sees the other as an enemy and the sound of war then becomes louder, ominously lethal.

We should ask ourselves: What values do we want to leave for the next generations – with weapons that can kill people?

Excerpt from my children’s book “The Sorrow of Mamoun” – Published in 2017. Dealing with weapons and armament (21):

If you ask about the weapons and the armament, I tell you, there are many weapons, a lot of gunpowder and a lot of cartridges and cartridge cases. And there are many bombs.

Then there are the means of transport of explosives, tanks, planes, ships and submarines. Vehicles for nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, bombs and explosives that are deadly to humans, animals and plants. Explosives that destroy houses and soil, and poison water and air. Weapons for man to arm himself. Man arms himself with weapons of destruction because he is afraid of his fellow man.


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