Bangladeshi boy playing hide-and-seek game ends up in Malaysia


Fahim as he steps out of container following six-day ordeal

Fahim as he steps out of container following six-day ordeal

KUALA LUMPUR: When young boys were playing hide-and-seek in Chittagong, a large port city on the southeastern coast of Bangladesh, they never thought that one of them would end up hiding in … Port Kang, Malaysia, 3,781 kilometers away!

During the game near the port on January 11, Fahim opted to hide from his friends in a container, hoping his friends would not find him easily.

Unfortunately for him, he fell asleep and his friends could not locate him.

The container was locked and taken to a commercial ship heading to Malaysia, but nobody could hear his screams or his banging on the container walls. He was trapped in a dark place.

On January 17, when the ship reached the outer area of Port Klang, the crew heard a human voice coming from inside the container. On unlocking it, the workers were shocked to see a confused boy step out into a totally unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people.

Video clips taken by the workers showed him bewildered, unable to walk and incapable of understanding the language he was hearing or knowing who the people surrounding him were.

He had been locked inside the container for six days.

While communication was impossible, medical care and an ambulance were provided promptly.

In the beginning, authorities suspected he was the helpless victim of international trafficking in persons, but the police determined after their investigation that he was rather a victim of his hide-and-seek choice.

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