Kyrgyzstan neutral in international conflicts: President Zhaparov

Zhaparov, Kishida ahead of their meeting (Kabar)

Zhaparov, Kishida ahead of their meeting (Kabar)

TOKYO: Kyrgyzstan’s President Sadyr Zhaparov said his country remains neutral in conflicts occurring in the world.

Any conflicts should be peacefully resolved by diplomatic means under the Charter of the United Nations, Zhaparov said in statements to NHK, Japan’s only public broadcaster, in Tokyo during his first official visit to Japan.

He stressed that Kyrgyzstan’s trade and economic relations with its partners are affected by the current “complex” geopolitical situation and sanctions imposed by some countries.

He added that his country is looking for a new logistics route, in light of Western sanctions on Russia.

Zhaparov also highlighted the importance of China’s Belt and Road Initiative for his country. He said the initiative will allow Kyrgyzstan to make a foray into global markets as a transit country.

Kyrgyzstan will seek wider relations with Japan through a regional cooperation framework proposed by Tokyo, he said.

He expressed hope for deeper cooperation on modernizing Kyrgyzstan’s hydropower generation system and tackling climate change, Kabar news agency reports.

Kyrgyzstan is seeking to strengthen ties with Japan through the Japanese-proposed cooperation framework, he added.

Zhaparov said preparations are underway for the “Central Asia plus Japan” Dialogue summit in Kazakhstan next year, bringing together Japan and the five Central Asian nations – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The summit marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Dialogue.

The two delegations holding their meeting (Kabar)

The two delegations holding their meeting (Kabar)

During the meeting between Zhaparov and Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida, the Joint Statement on Friendship and Comprehensive Partnership in a New Era between Kyrgyzstan and Japan was signed.

The document marks the beginning of a new era, a new page in the history of friendship and relations between the two states.

Zhaparov and Kishida “confirmed their cooperation to maintain and strengthen a free and open international order based on the rule of law.”

The two leaders “frankly exchanged views on the international situation including the Indo-Pacific, Ukraine, and the Middle East, as well as on the approaches to development assistance in this region,” Japan’s Foreign Ministry said.

They concurred that actions based on the principles of international law are indispensable for peace and stability in the international community, and that they will work closely together in the future, the ministry said.

Diplomatic relations between Kyrgyzstan were established on January 26, 1992. Japan opened an embassy in Bishkek on January 27, 2003 while Kyrgyzstan opened its embassy in Tokyo on April 22, 2004.

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