More Nepali women workers leave for foreign employment

Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also known as Prachanda (C on stage), takes part in a celebration to mark the International Women's Day along with female officials in Nepal's capital Kathmandu on March 8, 2009. <File Photo=Xinhua>

KATHMANDU, July 23 (Xinhua) — The departure of Nepali women for overseas jobs more than doubled in the last fiscal year.

The surge has been attributed to the increased hiring from major labor destinations and aspirants choosing legal channel to leave for foreign employment.

A total of 22,655 Nepali women received permission from the Department of Foreign Employment to leave the country for overseas jobs in 2011-2012 — up 117.5 percent compared to 10,416 in 2010- 2011, according to the department.

Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, Israel and Lebanon are the major countries that offer jobs to Nepali women and hiring from these countries has surged notably, The Kathmandu Post daily reported Monday.

Officials of the department was quoted by the daily as saying over 80 percent of the women work as domestic workers. They said the number of women migrant workers posted a healthy growth after the government tightened the screw on the trend of leaving for foreign employment through illegal channels.

“The number of women leaving from the Tribhuwan International Airport with valid documentation has gone up,” said Kashi Raj Dahal, director of the department.

Although it is usually a tough job for women to get permission from their families to work abroad, the department figures show that more and more women are leaving the country for foreign employment each year.

“This indicates that women are getting their right to mobility, ” said Manju Gurung, president of Paurakhi, a non-government organization working for the welfare of women migrant workers. She added that women were becoming more aware of safe migration and risks related. займы онлайн переводом

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