[The AsiaN 1st Anniv] The AsiaN proves trendsetter

During my visits to Republic of Korea for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008 at the invitation of Asia Journalists Association AJA, Mr. Lee Sang-Ki had hinted about taking some new initiatives, but I had no slightest idea that he and his team would be providing another platform for cementing the relations of Asian journalists that had been established with their efforts during the formation of AJA.

The AJA used to organize annual events inviting the members and friends to meet in South Korea, but I noticed that most of the members, including me, had no further contribution rest of the year except writing a report of the event and getting it published in respective countries. However, soon as The AsiaN took birth on November 11, 2011, all the members became active taking care of newborn baby. Now, although The AsiaN is at the age of infancy it looks as if has grown fast having around 150 guardians of 50 Asian nations.

During just one year of its age, The AsiaN has proved trendsetter, as instead of publishing reports of routine nature, it focuses on highlighting different social, cultural, political and economic aspects of Asian societies, which hitherto had never been touched by any other media organization.

The AsiaN has also grown to be a multi-lingual online media outlet that helps communicate effectively the message among Asian nations. The addition of Arabic version on the eve of first anniversary of AsiaN is another milestone, as it would bring the Middle Eastern nations more close to other nations of Asia.

I still remember the visit of Arab friends along with their spouses to Republic of Korea in 2008, where the male members of Arab delegation had refused to stay at Baekdam temple at night where the hosts had arranged stay to experience serenity, and opted to go back to a guesthouse located down the mountain. They all repented the next day for missing the opportunity of being the part of nature’s peace and tranquility at Buddhist temple. More interestingly, their spouses revolted against them at farewell dinner in Seoul announcing that they will not obey their husbands in future on such occasions.

I am sure all those Arab friends are in touch with AJA/The AsiaN since then and contributing towards cementing the relations of Asian nations. The launch of Arabic version seems the result of their keen interest.

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