Rashad, Egyptian artist, uses art as means to express revolution of Egypt

“The Artist is close to the society and he gets affected by it the most” –Hany Rashad

This is one of the things that Hany Rashad, the revolutionary artist, sees. He started his own way of expressing the revolution of Egypt. After being a participant in the  Jan. 25 demonstrations, he started to use art as his most powerful weapon to express the revolution. His artistic view is just more than just a painting; it’s a silent comment that says more than most words.

In the months that followed the revolution, Hany’s art was a real window to everything happening in the country.

In the later stages of the revolution, he started using a famous white face that later on became so famous online. Amongst the youth using Facebook and similar sites that face was a way to express their anger or maybe just a hilarious face to laugh at something.

Hany turned art into a tool to express his opinion and to get through his message. His art was a witness of his transformation from a protester in Tahrir square to a protester online and on paper.

Right now Mashrabia Gallery for Contemporary arts are showings his works which will continue until December 13, 2012.

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