Rampant power failure threatens people’s lives in Egypt

Having a blackout has become something regular and happens almost on a daily basis in Egypt. This crisis originally started at 2010, during Mubarak’s regime and Nazif’s government. The justification back then was that the increase in the electrical load and household-air conditioners, which weakened the power generators.

But the crisis is still happening till now, it even increased that the power could go out for almost one day, and it can go out several times a day. They still offer the same justification with no solutions whatsoever.

Qandil’s government is following in Nazif’s steps in saying that the problem occurs due to increase in electricity usage and people should use electricity less and they even proposed that stores would close early; all of these aren’t real solutions to the problem.

The problem is it wasn’t only households, streets, and traffic the only affected. Metro, stations and hospitals are the most ones who get affected. There’s the risk of dying if you’re having an urgent operation and suddenly the power goes out. We’ve heard through these days of many incidents where people died because of the electricity blackouts.

The government isn’t offering any real solutions, as they could not use the solar and wind power as a way to back up the energy suppliers. They could build more power reactors to deal with the increase in power usage. They could take major steps in organizing people consumption of electricity, instead of asking them to live in “one room”. Providing electricity is the governments’ responsibility not the people.

Till this day we suffer from the blackouts without any prior warnings or any hint that there’s a solution on the way. Many people even decided months ago that they’d stop paying the electricity bills, but none of that works!

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