Comments on the Statement of UN Secretary General

The 5-year Action Agenda in fact is an ambitious plan, as UN Secretary General himself has described it, and needs great challanges to implement.
In my view the implementation of Action Agenda in letter and spirit is the key to its success that again needs sincere efforts not only at UN level but also by the member countries especially those targetted by the Action Agenda. I have observed that insincere and corrupt rulers, organizations and other people involved in implementation process have been the main cause of failure of such efforts. 
I will talk about Pakistan where the Polio could not be eradicated so far because of the reasons mentioned above. The majority of people in Pakistan live in abject poverty, they have no access to proper healthcare facilities, they don’t have facility of pure drinking water, they have no sewerage facilities, the solid waste and industrial effluent is dumped and discharged in their surroundings, in the rivers, canals and the sea, the water supplied to them through pipelines is contaminated with sewerage, they have high level of air, water and noise pollution etc. In such conditions polio and other killer diseases prevail everywhere in Pakistan and despite having ministries, departments and NGOs and receiving huge funds, there is no change as foreign funds are not properly spent to achieve the goals. A vast portion of funds is eaten away by the NGOs and corrupt officials. The fact could be testified by the high number of polio cases in Pakistan despite continuous vaccination drives. The vaccination staff is not paid salaries for many months and they are staging demonstrations and sit-in.

Conflicts: People of Pakistan are facing terrorism by the Taliban (so-called Muslim militants) as they target civilian population by bomb blasts on one side and the Mafia on other. In Karachi and some other cities some ethnic organizations survive on terrorism. They call themselves political organizations but in fact are terrorist organizations that even seek vote at gun point. They are involved in target killings.

Briefly, I would say that UN has to look into such issues and take practical steps for achieving the goals. These are very important issues and couldn’t be discussed in few words. I hope these few words would convey what I want to say.

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