A Year after the Egyptian Revolution

After the results of the Egyptian elections, that have been arranged and articulated for the sake of long deprived Islamists in Egypt, it seems to me that today’s Egypt Delta in its map has turned into a black triangle represents the beard, while the 7000 years old River Nile valley should look like a black thick string restricting the Egyptian nation backward! 

We are coming backward strongly to square zero, starting with naive questions on the axioms, as if we were on the threshold of the nineteenth century! 

Today’s raised questions are seeking what is legal, what is not, such as to wear or not to wear Niqab or Hijab for the Islamic women dress? Are music and painting permitted or not? Even we came to a point that who should decide which religious and political party befitting for man’s marriage! 

Did not we pass two hundred years of solitude of isolation and corruption, once by occupation, and another by the imperfect political independence? 

In the era of feudalism, the verdict was owned by the tribe, and in the colonial era it turned to be for those colony-loyal, and in the era of independence, after 1952 Revolution, the tribe has been named the military regime, who swallowed rights and freedoms under the pretext that only them are capable of re-granting and estimate the distribution of rights. 

When Sheikh Mustafa Abdel Razek of  al-Azhar Mosque, went to Paris a century ago, he expressed the tolerance of Islam, in the acceptance of the other Christian, and even Indians who give the cow a holy place in their believes. He wrote his dialogue with them. Now, in Egypt, the country of al-Azhar Mosque, the sheikhs are killed, by the hands of the Egyptian Military, Egyptian women are dragged by the hands of the Egyptian police, the eyes of the young people are shut by the bullets of Egyptian official guns, and many calls are announced for the hatred of the other dissenting opinion and religion, although we are all the people of one eternal River. 

The future does not look promising, but the Youth of the Revolution believe that it will not die. It is the right of the martyrs that we have to start again. And this generates optimism from the heart of despair. Hope that the power of liberal enlightenment has to uphold the capabilities of the community, such as education, and awareness of civil rights, to control the monsters which consider us preys.

We shall be back to Tahrir Square and sing my poem:

Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”

Dear Poet “Amal Donkul”,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
Your “Stone Cake” is stuffed with people,

Who grew with the River Nile water
To make a pyramid of every home.

Dear Poet “Abdul Rahman Al-Sharkawi”,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
The Land” has risen to burry its thieves;

the shadows of the immortal unfaithful regime.

Dear great solider “Sa’dul-din  El-Shazly”,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
It is true that your medals were stolen by a falcon,
Look at it trying to cover its dead body
At the ending gate of life.

Dear activist “Abdul-Halim Kandil”,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
The dictator who had sent his snakes after you,

Is currently evaborating as a shadow of an old hollowman. 

Dear poet “Salah Jahin”,
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
There lives “The Grand Night” of the revolution,

Tell the poet “Abdul-Rahman Al-Abnoudi” to swear
with the nation’s sky and soil”,
To give the deserved respect for revolution. 

Dear “Lorca
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
Joining “Dali”, “Gala” and “Buñuel”,

Forget all about “An Andalusian Dog”,
We got “the Zionist Camel” captured,
At Sharm el Sheikh.

Dear “Che Guevara”,
Meet Me at  “Tahrir Square”.
Children are singing on the tanks’s backs,

Your shirts are painted with the Egyptian flag colors.
And women are planting generosity.

Dear the Whole World
Meet Me at “Tahrir Square”.
There are prayers,

the resurrection of my nation,
And voices of freedom…
There is the martyr’s paradise. 

Note: All Egyptian names refer to figures and their works

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