Indonesian students vow to empower national pride with collaboration

The 6th Conference of Indonesian Students Association in Korea (CISAK) is an event where Indonesian scholars gather and exchange ideas based on their respective backgrounds and fields in the effort of cultivating and empowering the nation.

Daejon, July 7th, 2013: Indonesian scholars from various countries around the globe, including Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Turkey, attend CISAK 2013 at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, South Korea to share knowledge as part of the nation’s youth responsibilities to actively contribute to the nation’s expansion.

This exclusive event held by Indonesian Student Association in Korea (PERPIKA) is slated to have well known Indonesian scholars addressing the conference such as Ilham Akbar Habibie, founder of PT. Regio Aviation Industries and Ridwan Kamil, an Architect and Lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology.

“The idea of ’empowering national pride’ is inspired by the increasing number of Indonesian citizens who begin to lose optimism about the future of Indonesia”, said Vina Sari Yosephine, Master Student at KAIST and Chairman of the Committee of CISAK 2013. PERPIKA hopes to strengthen Indonesian national pride and to revive the confidence to build Indonesia to be a major country in the international world.

CISAK 2013 features panel discussions, poster session, and presentation from selected best authors in six clusters of scientific field: (1) Electronics, Communications and Informatics, (2) Energy, (3) Interdisciplinary Social Science, (4) Healthcare and Pharmacy, (5) Natural Science, Applied Science and Technology Innovation, (6) Food and Agriculture.

CISAK 2013 Proceedings – total of 57 papers – is identified by ISSN (International Standard Serial Number). The following awards will be given to the best scientific research papers: Best Paper, Best Poster and Honorable Mention. Selected research papers will be published in Indonesian Scholars Journal (ISJ). And in addition to CISAK 2013 partnership with Indonesian Technology Scientist Community (MITI), participants are provided with direct access to relevant industries in their fields.

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