Top 3 Favorite Choices of Chinese Travelers “Korea, Russia, Japan”

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Chinese overseas tourists are changing their travel habits with currency shifts, evolving fashions and visa policies, which helps with South Korea, Japan and Russia became the biggest beneficiaries.

According to the Korea Tourism Organisation, China Mainlanders visit to South Korea had soared up to 58% against the year before, reach to 516,787 in February.

Meanwhile, according to Rostourism in Russia, chinese travelers also as the biggest source of foreign tourism to Russia with almost 410,000 visits during year of 2014.

On the other hand, according to the Japan National Tourism Organisation, despite historical enmity and persistent political tensions between China and Japan, the number of mainland Chinese tourists visiting Japan jumped to 359,000 in February, a year-on-year rise of almost 160%.

Last year the number of outbound tourist departures from mainland China hit 100m for the first time, according to China’s media.

Travel experts say “Chinese tourists now shop for a broader range of products, not just luxury goods but daily necessities”, “They no longer buy things to show off their wealth but things that they really need and are worth the price.”

“Cultural trends are playing an increasing role in travel choices, particularly in the growing allure of South Korea” they added.

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