AJA announces AJA Awards winners

AJA Award 2016 winners

AJA Award 2016 winners

Asia Journalist Association (AJA) President Ivan Lim Sin Chin announces the final winners of AJA award 2016: The president of Indonesia Joko Widodo, Korean filmmaker Lee Joon-ik, Korean-Filipino member of National Assembly Lee Jasmine and Line Co.

The ceremony will be held with AJA General Meeting 2016 and the starting ceremony of The AsiaN Global Ombudsman at the National Assembly House (국회의원회관), Yeouido, Seoul at 6 PM,  April 15.

AJA said, “President Joko Widodo and three other winners were selected after long discussions with AJA members and other foreign students. The 32 nominees of AJA Award 2016 from 20 countries were recommended and four nominees were awarded after all.”

AJA established AJA Journalism Prize in 2006, and has awarded ‘Free Journalism Prize’ and ‘Special Achievement Prize’ until 2009. Also, AJA newly established ‘Corporate graced Asia Prize’ in 2009. ‘AJA Award 2016’ is being held again after 6 years and the final winners were decided after long discussions among AJA Secretariat and leadership.

AJA said, “The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo has been highly deemed to develop Indonesia as ‘the role model country of Asia’ through economical reforms since he was inaugurated as the president. Meanwhile, the member of National Assembly Lee Jasmine showed great achievement dealing with minority issues and diverse culture in Korean society.”

AJA said, “Film director Lee Joon-ik contributed to evoke awareness about world peace and to describe anguish of intellectuals during Japanese colonization that most Asian countries had gone through. In the film ‘Dong Ju’, historical Korean poet Yoon Dong-ju was depicted overcoming the sense of inferiority caused by harsh colonization. 

‘Line Co.’ developed and expanded the messenger application to communicate beyond borders conveniently for free. ‘Line’ has made contribution for ‘One Asia’ spirit.”

The following are the former AJA Award winners:


Free Journalism Prize : The Philippines Center for Investigative Journalism (The Philippines)

Special Achievement Prize : An Byeong-chan (Chairman at Center for Media Responsibility and Human rights, Korea)

Corporate graced Asia Prize: Samsung Electronics



Journalist of the year: Yang Ming-xuan (China)

Free Journalism Prize: Damdinsuren Boldkhyag (Mongol)

Lifelong Achievement Prize: Brajesh Bhatia (India) 



Journalist of the year: Nagai Kenji (AFP)



Journalist of the year: FNJ(Nepal)

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