Nightmare to Erase Another Nightmare

Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam was captured on 19 by rebel forces. Ashraf Dali, editor of Al-Arabi Magazine and Head of AJA (Asia Journalist Association) Middle East Chapter has expressed his opinions about the impact of media on the democratization in the Middle East after the death of Colonel Gaddafi.

– What or who do you think is the most responsible for or should be given most credit for the series of democracy movements currently sweeping across the Middle East?

Media influence is the most directing factor that moved the Middle Eastern streets. The media helped to uncover the corruption, and unite all classes against the ruling corrupted classes. Media means are also credited for helping the easy communication which is very vital to arrange and hold demos. At last. Media was, and still is, very helpful to show the world what is happening with the help of hi-tech tools.

– In which directions, do you think the Middle East is heading and ultimately how do you think the region should change?

For better, even with what are called Islamists, they shall not be able to push countries backwards. They came with the people’s votes and shall be only remaining if the people are satisfied with their way of governing the countries. The ancient countries have their heritage of state history, and this area absorbed all strange ideas and languages, so it shall be very difficult to change the multi-cultural faces of them.

I believe that the Middle East is heading for better, but it needs time and support from the (real) democratic nations and government. As we all know, all previous dictators were supported by the western states that helped those dictators to sustain for decades.

– How is the general feeling in the Middle East over the way former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi died? Was it a justifiable act to kill him instead of taking him to court?

No, it was not justice at all. We are shocked. Even if he was responsible for killing his nationals and others for four decades, he should be put for trial. Some could not dare to watch the crime, I am one of them. The nightmare of the dictator could not be erased with another nightmare.




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