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The AsiaN publishes significant news all around the Asian continent in all field of the life. The latest publications about some Asian countries have been published by major media organs of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bangladesh, Palestine, and Pakistan.


“The Female Mayors of Asian Countries” was ranked one of the most read articles of The AsiaN.

The AsiaN’s news, named “The Female Mayors of Asian Countries” have been published and quoted by some Indian and Bangladeshi news agencies. The role of women in the politics has been highlighted in the news. This initiative is appreciated by all women politicians in the Asian countries.


The important interview with Mrs. Vera Baboun has been shared by numerous civil society organisations on the web.

One of the latest interviews of The AsiaN with Mrs. Vera Baboun, the Mayor of Bethlehem City, was also published and shared by several media organs and social media portals in the Middle East.

The AsiaN is the only Korean publication which shares daily news from post-Soviet countries. Its collaboration with local media organs and news sharing activities continue. The importance of The AsiaN is warmly welcomed by those countries. Recently the news about Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant which locates in the South Caucasus region was published and aired by the newspapers and TV channels of Azerbaijan in different languages. Azerbaijan State News Agency and major media organs pointed out the importance of The AsiaN’s news. The same news has been published by Daily Techno Times of Pakistan, too.

georgia is one of the most prominent media organs in Georgia.

Georgia is another prominent area for The AsiaN’s important publications. The Borjomi mineral water which is the most famous Georgian brand in post-Soviet geography is being exported to South Korean market. The AsiaN’s news about Borjomi’s healthy features was published by major Georgian media organs.

The media mission of The AsiaN continues in the Asian continent under the light of Asian values.

About The AsiaN:

Asia Journalist Association (AJA) is an international organization established on 20 November 2004. The key founding member states at that time are East Asian countries including South Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia and ASEAN countries including Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

AJA launches online media, The AsiaN (, since 11 November 2011. It is served in three languages: English, Korean, and Arabic.

The AsiaN reports a wide variety of news of Asian village from ‘the perspective of Asia’ with the united group of 150 veteran journalists, opinion leaders and trend leaders from 50 nationalities of the Asia Journalist Association.

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