Blood donation increases by 35 percent in Mongolia

Photo: The UB Post

Photo: The UB Post

Blood Donation Day, marked on the third day of each month, took place on October 3 in connection with the government policy to increase the supply of blood and blood products as well as to ensure their safety.

On this day, the National Blood Center announced honorary awards to donors. Three donors received the Bronze award, which is awarded to people who donated blood more than 70 times, and two people received the Golden award, awarded to people who donated more than 180 times.

This month, people who donated blood were given Ulaanbaatar smart bus cards. Many companies joined in this month’s donation.

During the donation, the National Blood Center called on Ulaanbaatar residents to donate blood.

The National Blood Center reported that blood donation rate grew by 35 percent this year. Although blood donation is increasing, Mongolia still does not have enough fresh blood supplies, reported doctors. There are nearly 130,000 blood donors throughout Mongolia, and 600 donate regularly, underlined the National Blood Center.

Blood Donation Day aims to promote blood donation and encourages people to become donors. The World Health Organization recommends that if three percent of a country’s population regularly donates blood, the country will have enough blood supply. (The UB Post)

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