Could ISIS leaders rename the terrorist group to Islamic State of Uzbekistan?

%eb%8b%a4%ec%9a%b4%eb%a1%9c%eb%93%9cWhen a group of terrorists surely supported by major players of the world politics that wanted to use this terrorist group to achieve own gains both in political and economic field, was named as “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” the Islamic world did not understand this naming well or to be true did not pay enough attention to this. The bet was made on widening the influence of those “major players” in the world and especially in the Arabic countries and other states where Islam is the dominating belief. “If you do not follow our policy, then you are part of ISIS! We will prove it in two seconds by using our media empires. If it does not work, again our media will “inform” the world about the shift of ISIS to your country, which will automatically give us chance to invade your territory” – the message was given in such content. No one said a word that Islam and terror are mutually exclusive regalia.

Independent international policy of Uzbekistan based always on the interests of the country first has always been not welcomed by many world hegemons. During the period of Presidency of Karimov, there were many tries to break the peace in Uzbekistan. But they knew well the strength of Karimov on giving fitting decisions against such attacks so all such attempts were knowingly unsuccessful.

The following facts one can not find in the materials of world media: Uzbekistan has put forward a range of important foreign policy initiatives such as establishing of the International Counter-Terrorism Centre within the UN Security Council (1999) which led to the formation of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee (2001). Or, the creation of the Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre on Combating Drug Trafficking (2002) and the Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Central Asia (2006). Have you read anywhere that Islam Karimov in 1993 first took the problem of terrorism to the United Nations? At that very time, the Uzbek leader rang the bells about grave consequences the given problem might have vis-a-vis for both regional and global security.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the newly elected President of Uzbekistan is not only continuing the independent policy on the international scene but also is trying to gain bigger role for the country in the Central Asian region through “zero problems with neighbors” policy. Certainly, this does not fit to the scenarios of some powers in the region in general and on Uzbekistan in particular. The recent terrorist incidents in the world are all being tried to relate to Uzbekistan. The international “free media” are doing all to make their audience believe that Uzbekistan is a terrorist country. Anyone related to the terrorist attacks should be linked to Uzbekistan – maybe by origins, nationality, facial expression, name or even by a nickname.

There is a sureness that in many attacks the suspected is found beforehand. After Istanbul Reina nightclub attack assailant was declared as one from Central Asia after some hours by using a photo of Kirgiz citizen which then was changed to Kazakh man. And after big “attempts” Masharipov from Uzbekistan was named as the attacker. There is a question: which was first in planning such attack for ISIS: own purposes or helping some in declaring that Uzbek people are terrorists? Seems the second… It may be the fact that he was the assailant. But how Masharipov was made conduct the attack is not clear. Even the reasons of ISIS.

Then St. Petersburg metro explosion in Russia… A Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen was suspected as the attacker. And the media forgot about the citizenship and the origins of him, but the attention was tried to focus on the nationality of Djalilov: “He was Uzbek!”

The recent Stockholm attacks were not also an exception. There was nothing in the world media that Akilov attempted to cross Turkey’s border with Syria in 2015 to join ISIS but was detained by Turkey’s military forces, but because of given him refugee status he was deported back to Sweden. No questions, such as why Sweden took him back, why there were no contacts with Uzbek police on returning him home, why the information that Uzbek authorities had added Akilov to an international wanted list in late February after a criminal case on “religious extremism” was opened against him did not make the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) wake up… The focus again was on the citizenship of Akilov.

Pentagon said on Friday that U.S. forces in Syria have killed a top Islamic State operative who played a key role in the New Year’s Eve attack on an Istanbul nightclub. Guess his name at one attempt! Yes, Uzbeki! Abdurakhmon Uzbeki! As was declared he was a “close associate” of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIS terror network.

It seems that the next news will be about the decision of ISIS leaders on renaming the group to the Islamic State of Uzbekistan and this is almost a “secret de Polichinelle”. Because this will be the easiest way for saying that Uzbekistan is a terrorist state. The “world powers” will think of struggle against the “threats of Uzbek terrorism” and even they may want to take steps to “protect” the world from it.

Surely such political games will bring benefits to some countries but they are and will be disturbing lives of the people, the innocent people…The world should say “STOP” to this!


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