Pakistan condemns nuclear test conducted by North Korea


“Pakistan condemns the reported nuclear test by the DPRK,” read the statement issued by the Foreign Office spokesperson in reaction to North Korea’s announcement that it successfully tested an advanced hydrogen bomb on Sunday September 3rd, 2017.

“Pakistan has consistently maintained that the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) should comply with the UN Security Council resolutions and asked all sides to refrain from provocative actions. Pakistan urges all sides to display utmost restraint and return towards the path of peaceful negotiated settlement of the issue,” the statement continued.

Pakistan is currently celebrating Eidul Azha, an annual Islamic holy event during which cattle are sacrificed. Publicly, there are four days of holiday during Eidul Azha: Sunday was the second day of the holy event. There has been no coverage of the hydrogen bomb test in newspapers as agencies have been closed for two days, but electronic media has given wide coverage to North Korea’s test; and the world’s reaction, especially the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement, has been fiercely negative. China urged the North to “stop its wrong actions”.


Pakistan media outlet, DAWN, reports on North Korea nuclear test

“The North should “stop taking mistaken actions which worsen the situation and are also not in line with its own interests, and effectively return to the track of solving the problem through dialogue,” was the Chinese foreign ministry’s statement, carried by Pakistani media.

Electronic media and their websites as well as other leading newspapers also carried the details of US-South & North Korea relations with headlines such as, “US-North Korea: 70 years of high tension,” mentioning the Korean War, international efforts to ease the situation over the years, earlier missile tests conducted by North Korea, and recent US warnings against such experimentations.

Pakistani electronic media also gave space to the reports that Japan Prime Minister and US President Trump agree on cooperation needed in face of North Korean threats. It also carried statements made by the US President, French President, and the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, IAEA Director General.




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