South Korea-India cooperation

34440816761_1d730efe3a_bPresident Moon Jae-in urged efforts to expand bilateral cooperation between Korea and India, saying such cooperation will ensure not only a better future for the two countries but also peace and prosperity for the entire region.

“The possibility of economic cooperation between South Korea and India is limitless. India not only possesses talented human resources and advanced science technology but also superb production capabilities and a vast market. When they are combined with the applied technology, experience and capital that South Korea possesses, the countries’ complementary and mutually beneficial economic cooperation may further gain speed,” Moon said in an interview with India’s leading English newspaper, Times of India, published Monday.

“I place great importance on cooperation with South Asian countries, including India,” the South Korean president declared.

“Prime Minister Modi too has stressed the importance of cooperation with South Korea while pursuing his Act East Policy. There will be greater progress in the future as India and South Korea are actively pushing for the development of their relations and peace and prosperity of their region.I believe the economic cooperation between the two countries is still in the initial stage. I hope to see a further expansion of cooperation in the manufacturing, infrastructure and advanced technology sectors,” he added.

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