AsiaN group chat room … “I will convey empathy and emotion with better content”

groupsBy Sang-ki Lee
AsiaN Publisher, former President of Korea Journalists Association

SEOUL: Today marks the fourth year since the creation of the AsiaN group chat room. What began on July 12, 2017, as 40 group chat rooms of twelve people each has undergone several changes and adjustments, ultimately becoming three larger rooms, respectively containing 243, 453, and 238 members.

We had two main goals for establishing of the AsiaN group chat. Firstly, we aimed to create easier access to the various content that AsiaN’s had to offer. Secondly, we sought to encourage a healthy and vibrant social media platform. With the understanding and cooperation of those involved, we’d like to think that we have succeeded in those aspects.

Between 8 am and 8 pm, I strive to upload one or two pieces of AsiaN’s media content to the group chat, along with a brief message. This is something I have been committed to and I will continue to adhere to.

Over the span of the last four years, there were only two deviations from this daily schedule: once while I was on a work trip abroad, and once more on a Friday, sometime last March. I can say with confidence that such things will not happen again.

While this is an inconvenience to some, I would like to reiterate that we do not allow the use of emoticons or replies in the group chat. If there is an original piece of writing that you believe is worth sharing, we ask that you direct to one of the administrators, who will then upload it. Despite these efforts, however, there are members who forget to adhere to the rules and upload articles without reaching through the proper channels. This sometimes leads to members leaving the group chat. It is always regretful when such things occur, even if we strive to invite them back. An important aspect of online communication— as it is the case with all communication— is the willingness to listen to one another.

Of course, the positives of running the group chat far outweighed the negatives. Reports of people having re-established connections through the group chat, or those who read AsiaN articles and offer corrections and other feedback.

On this day that marks the fourth year of our group chat (1,460 days), I want to offer gratitude and appreciation for all our members.

Furthermore, I hope that by the time we reach our fifth year, and after that, our 2,000th day, we will be producing ever more interesting, valuable, and useful content. I hope to see you all tomorrow.

Thank you.

(Translated by David An)

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