The Life of Activists – Leaving own life for others

Youth Climate Strike in Seoul, South Korea (Greenpeace)

Youth Climate Strike in Seoul, South Korea (Greenpeace)

Dr. Hassan Humeida – Kiel, Germany

KIEL, GERMNAY: When we look at the lives of activists in different fields, we find a number of real threats to this professional group. Activists as a term reveals that this special target group achieves above-average performance of the normal person or of the majority in the society.

Activists contribute to positive doings by doing many good things for people, plants, animals and many more.

Being an activist can mean that a person devotes most of his life to one issue or more. This is very diverse and can mean being active in business, law, policy and much more.

All of the activists’ aspirations flow for the benefit of the societies in which they live. Activists are on the move to expose and fight corruption, bribery, totalitarian systems, abuse, imprisonment, violence, torture and human rights violations without fearing and everywhere.

They are also on the active move worldwide because of the destruction of nature in protected and afflicted regions, the plundering of resources, climate change and global warming, which are mostly anthropogenic caused. Activists go further than all conceivable steps to devote themselves, their hearts and their souls to guard and protect minorities in different societies or sites.

Not only in past and recent years, but also in the present, the climate activists, and also journalists in certain regions who work in various media worldwide, encounter various forms of oppression and perpetration of violence of various forms.

They are insulted, chased away, imprisoned and even killed and extinguished from life. People of dignity cannot laugh any more, when they hear that, in many cases, arrested activists are horribly humiliated.

For example, when they are forced in front of the cameras and in public to strip naked and get into the police cars. Their only crime for example was that they observed and documented the logging of rare forests that represent a green lung for their region and a last resort for rare species.

Activists carry big hearts when it comes to specific activities in marginalized occupations such as farmers, ranchers, fishermen and more. They also explore working conditions in heavy manual labor such as mining, and point out abuses of authority at work and working conditions among young people and children.

Many questions remain unanswered – Who is the actual winner from the deforestation of forest stands and especially the deforestation of rainforest worldwide? What harm do activists cause through activism creating truths and covering facts? And why are activists being fought in the same terrible way, although they are people who work neutrally and independently for the community?

There is no denying that many lobbies worldwide as well as bad governments are behind the repression and killing of the activists. The controversy here is that organized murders, “Contract Killings”, are planned by assassinations against activists and are carried out with precision.

This concerns the exposure of certain scandals, such as bad government actions or the destruction of nature in certain spots. Many activists have had to pay dearly with their lives by experiencing disadvantage, disrespect and injustice in their own countries and societies and because of this they will not be tolerated much longer.

Normal people have spoken the absolute truth publicly to make it clear to the citizens of their countries and societies: it has gone so far and here are the limits for everything, be it governance, the legal system or be it sustainability and at all levels.

In most cases, the activists are mentally well prepared for the reactions of the perpetrators, but not physically they cannot defend themselves any more. An unjust fight “war” then begins between the extradited activists and the heavily armed perpetrators. There is no need to explain how the unjust struggle “war” between activists and perpetrators continues and ends.

The fact is that by the end of 2021 many activists, be they social, political or environmental activists have become victims. This does not affect only one country or continent, but rather many regions on earth, regions where there are bad governments that see every day how and who makes the lives of the activists miserable. Unfortunately, there are also sometimes mishaps in the coverage of events and deeds by dependent media of the countries and regions concerned. They turn a blind eye or act as if nothing had happened – according to the motto: don’t get so upset, it was just an “activist” who is unimportant for us and does not belong to society; practically. activists are unfairly seen as traitors, people who step out of the demarcated line – end of story.

Nothing worse can happen to a person than being executed in public, street or in front of their families and children. Inhumane and traumatizing situations for everyone present at the scene of the event for the rest of their lives and forever.

There are no words here to express it otherwise, and urgent solutions are needed for the unjust struggle “war” between activists and perpetrators in 2022.

It remains that without activists and their worthy activities and work, life would be different. This is not only for humans but also for all living beings. Activists give up their lives to keep others alive. How can people gracefully leave their own lives for the sake of others?

Dr. Hassan Humeida

Dr. Hassan Humeida












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