2022 GCS International Board Meeting held at GCS HQs in hybrid format


SEOUL: The 2022 GCS International Board of Directors Meeting was held in a hybrid format at the conference room of GCS International in Seoul, Korea on January 26, 2022.

The board members unanimously approved the 2021 income-expenditure report and the 2022 budget and business plans. Board members attending the meeting in person were Dr. Chungwon Choue, president of GCS International; Mr. Seung Myung-ho, chairman of the Hankuk Ilbo and the Korea Times; Mr. Lee Kwang-kyun, and Mr. Lee Hyeong-taek, representative attorney of law firm Tong.

The board gave the green light to the 2022 GCS International Convention on October 13-16, 2022 at Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 2020 GCS International Convention was supposed to take place at the Thai resort city in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced to cancel the annual GCS event.

Other major GCS International events for 2022 include the 2022 DMZ Peace Festival in Paju, Korea together with the Kookmin Daily; the 2022 Taekwondo UCC Contest together with the Asia Development Foundation (ADF) and/or the Korea Culture Foundation; the Korean Language UCC Contest together with the Asia Development Foundation; and the 2022 Companion Animal UCC Contest together with the International Center for Korean Culture (ICKC).


GCS International also plans to organize the 1st GCS President’s Cup International Hangung Event together with the World Hangung Association, while conducting voluntary GCS medical service abroad in cooperation with K-beauty and health organizations.

GCS International is to organize several GCS peace concerts jointly with local “gagok” organizations, and plans to promote an international event together with the Korea Saemaul Undong Center.

At the board meeting, GCS International Secretary General Dr. Seok-jae Kang reported that the number of GCS International increased to 80, up from 58 at the end of 2020.


At the board meeting, GCS International President Choue said, “GCS International successfully organized the World Taekwondo Peace Festival together with World Taekwondo on November 22, 2021 in Seoul, Korea to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Olympic Taekwondo and the 40th anniversary of the U.N. International Day of Peace.”

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, GCS International made much progress in 2021 and much more is expected in 2022 with the full support of GCS chapters worldwide,” Dr. Choue said.

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