AJA calls to ensure safety of journalists covering war in Ukraine


SEOUL: Following reports that several journalists and media professionals have been killed as they were covering the war in Ukraine since February 24, the Asia Journalists Association is alarmed and saddened by such negative developments.

1. AJA calls on all parties involved to guarantee the safety of all journalists and media workers covering the events in accordance with international conventions.

2. AJA stands by all media workers who are dealing with formidable challenges to report on the events and inform the world about what is happening. They may also have to deal with intolerable acts of intimidation or attempts to have their reports controlled. Such heroes deserve to have their safety and security guaranteed and they must not be made to pay the price for their work. Therefore, AJA calls on all parties to respect all international conventions and ensure journalists do their work without threats to their lives or safety.

3. AJA also calls on all journalists and media workers to abide by their professional and ethical standards and make sure they verify all claims in order to confront misinformation and disinformation sowing confusion and compounding the situations and ensure they do not spread.

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