Here and there, Hell on Earth and peace in space

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By Dr. Hassan Humeida

Kiel, Germany: We start from the Earth where there are continents, seas, countries. There are borders between countries and people. Everything is organized in such a way that these borders are maintained and that no one, country or person, crosses the defined borders.

On Earth, there are holy cities and holy figures who can play a special role in peace between countries and people.

An example to be mentioned here is the role of the Pope in the Vatican State. This state small in area, but of great importance for the people who believe in it, can play a great role in “peace” between countries and people.

The Vatican is a neutral state and is not even a member of the UN to maintain its neutrality and sanctity.

With the last words of the Pope as a respected and valued personality, all words should be said and peace can calmly cast its shadow on earth without “ifs and buts”. This can also be supported in relation to other religious shrines and personalities in order to put an end to a further intensification of the war.

For the world community, the term “course corrector” applies in previous international politics. Weapons that are still being developed and marketed against humans with loyal customers and buyers from the poorest countries must not be made available.

Atrocities and massacre must not be tolerated and hushed up in some countries and condemned and punished in others.

War must not end in some “important” countries and continue in “unimportant” countries. No weapons of mass destruction may be produced, even by the so-called “world powers” for the purpose of total annihilation. Democracy must not be reserved for countries and refused for others.

Some countries must not be instrumentalized and deliberately exploited because of their natural resources. This leads to poverty, hunger and backwardness, while other countries live with surplus and in luxury and waste resources.

In modern times that some countries as farms, stables, mines, cops, ruler and masters and other countries as servants and slaves of the world.

Let us leave the Earth and look up with hope, between Earth and sky. Right there in the space are peaceful people “from the earth” that we always admire, marvel at and enthusiastically call “smart people”.

The are astronauts in space in their missions, piloted from the deserted earth, top researchers and scientists who have no differences but commonalities in their missions for people and nature.

They show us that it is possible for people to live together. They prove to us that living together is possible even under the most difficult conditions and in the tightest of spaces “in narrow tubes”.

An astronaut reports on his experience in long-distance missions: “When we leave Earth and look at it from above, we only see a globe, without countries and without borders. What a great feeling if that were really the case on Earth! It is a feeling of freedom and self-redemption”.

Here is a lesson to draw from. The astronauts in space may not believe that they are trying to search for life in space or to animate other planets, while we are destroying animate planets like our Earth by war and hope to live somewhere else.

The making of world peace and bringing it on Earth is based on true and not fake news. This is the obligation of all people in the media wherever they are as well as journalists.

Reporting and carrying out news must be truthful and presented to the public with a clear conscience because war lives and thrives on war propaganda surrounded by misinformation and disinformation.

Carrying misinformation and disinformation or propagating exaggerations and fabrications does not contribute positively to peace and it might in fact undermine its slim chances.

Despite the differences in our opinions, attitudes and surrounding circumstances, we remain optimistic that a solution will come from above, from there between Earth and sky.

If one day the astronauts return to Earth and maybe transfer this great coexistence to us on Earth, where optimal conditions for human life are available and where there is enough space for all people, then we can ask the logical question: why go to all the trouble with the war?


An excerpt from my children’s book entitled “The Home of Noon” – published in 2016 – Peace, security and freedom (22):

I have been longing for some security, peace and freedom over the past few months. Like many other people, I love peace. A life in peace is the most important thing for me. My freedom is above all without crossing another person’s limit. For me, as for everyone, it is important to keep order and to respect the rules of my society. I hope that through this I can enjoy security, peace and freedom.

Dr. Hassan Humeida

Dr. Hassan Humeida












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