Stigma caused by isolation in modern society

The danger of stigm and isolation (

By Dr. Hassan Humeida –

KIEL, GERMANY: We live in a world heavily tainted with stigmatization of all kinds. A high-performance world in which we rarely see or tolerate people with disabilities in public.

Even old people who lived under one roof with their relatives in past decades and who have set ways accents in family life and have shaped the life of an extended family have completely disappeared from the scene. We deliberately and with many excuses pushed them into retirement homes. We rarely see them in the public, if at all, on selected family occasions.

Here we solve stigmatization through isolation with our own actions and let them take their new place.

In fact, within the society where we hide, we will reach the same point. That is if we are lucky enough to get older one day.

The stigmatization of isolation becomes more particularly marked the more developed and advanced a society is.

In the so-called modern society, we are in a constant race against time, to fulfill our insatiable needs and impossible desires.

The demands are growing day by day, getting higher and higher and the expectations of the people are getting bigger and more gigantic every day.

We are in an era where the competition between digitization and humanity is in relation to each other. More and more people are opting for a digital life, whether it is entirely virtual or electronic. We ignore intentionally valuable things such as wisdom, experience and coming together with old people or those who cannot speak, move faster, see, or hear well.

As a result, human relationships are not spared and everything moves quickly. We can no longer tolerate slowness in life. This is just guilty as a disturbance factor for our quiet.

In most cases, people who are physically or mentally handicapped do not feel they are taken seriously enough anymore in modern society or are deliberately ignored by relatives.  A terrible feeling overwhelms them every day.

These phenomena affect not only adults, but also children who depend on adult assistance. In many cases they are at their mercy. The school believes it’s the parents’ job and the parents think it’s the school’s job to compensate for deficiencies and do everything right for the children concerned.

Fortunately, older people, given their life experience, can deal with stigma well in most cases, but children in most cases cannot. They isolate and encapsulate themselves completely. They develop their own strategies to build their own world like a secret cocoon in order to nest inside alone. No one can then see well and the way to sociologists and psychologists is just made, if there are any at all. The children then lack a suitable mirror to see their own picture. The children lack a comparison picture with those of the same age and conspecifics. An empire of loners is established, which in many cases leads to the unknown. Even after discovering such complicated cases of isolation, a new reintegration in a new life will remain most difficult and challenging step for change and hope.

It is the responsibility of both parents and educators to detect, investigate and follow up on cases of stigmatized children in a timely manner, and provide them with the necessary assistance in a timely manner when needed.

In this way we can get affected children out of their pre-programmed crises before the end and thus we can avoid many unnecessary problems as consequences that have a negative impact on our society.

Ultimately, it is a pure social obligation of every human being, be they educators, neighbors, friends or parents not to look the other way when those affected are standing in front of them, waiting for help. The issue becomes more dramatic when those standing there waiting for answers and solutions are children.

A section from my children’s book entitled The Wishes of Shajen – Published in 2022. My Parents and family (4):

I grew up in a home like all children. In our safe home. I had two parents who loved me. I had a loving, compassionate mother, and a generous, tender father. Both of my parents went through life helpful, proud and strong.

Back then I was growing up under their eyes and on their lap. It is my wish that they remain healthy and happy all their lives!

May I not miss them any day! And may they live long and see my wishes and dreams come true!


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