“Asre Rowshan” shines in Iran


TEHRAN: Alireza Bahrami, a member of the Asian Journalists Association (AJA) since 2019, is an active and well-known journalist in Iran, especially in the field of culture and art. He has had many media activities and was one of the founders of Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) in 2000. ISNA is one of the most reliable media in Iran.


Bahrami had serious challenges with state journalists in the past months. But 200 Iranian journalists supported him in writing. Bahrami is now the owner and editor of Asre Rowshan Magazine in his latest media activity.


So far, three issues of this magazine have been published. “Asre Rowshan” (It means bright evening or bright century in Persian) tries to be a voice for the young generation and intellectuals of Iran with bold photos and content.


“Asre Rowshan” held a ceremony for the release of its third issue on Thursday. The ceremony was held with the focus of a new documentary about Abbas Kiarostami – winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 1997. Seifullah Samadian, Kiarostami’s friend and colleague, made this documentary.


The documentary film “Kiarostami is working” was unveiled a few weeks ago at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea. Samadian’s previous documentary about Kiarostami was unveiled at the Venice Film Festival 2016.


In this event, Mahmoud Kalari, the cinematographer of Kiarostami films, gave a speech. Also, Aydin Aghdashloo, an Iranian painter whose paintings are very expensive at auctions, gave a speech. He has been friends with Kiarostami since elementary school.

Ali Dehbashi

Ali Dehbashi

“Asre Rowshan ” ceremony also became a celebration of “Ali Dehbashi”. Dehbashi is one of Iran’s old journalists. He started publishing a literary magazine in Iran 30 years ago. Dehbashi is known for being hardworking. This 65-year-old editor performed two difficult surgeries a few weeks apart. He is now recovering and trying to beat the disease.

Alireza Bahrami

Alireza Bahrami

The “Asre Rowshan ” event drew more than 500 audience members and fans to “Iranian Artists’ forum”. The ceremony hall had a capacity of 200 people. The organizers had to allocate the adjacent hall to fans of Kiarostami, Dehbashi and Asre Rowshan. The second hall was also filled by 200 people, but the fans and audience were still left without seats. The officials of the ceremony place put out chairs in the corridor so that the remaining people could follow the speeches and the film screening through LED.

(Photos: Masi Ahmadi)

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