Himalayas, The World’s Highest Garbage Dump

Photo taken on May 22, 2010 shows cleaners collecting wastes at the Sagarmatha (Mt. Qomolangma) National Park in Nepal.

Since human beings first conquered Mt. Qomolangma, the world’s highest mountain, people have expressed concern about its environment as lots of human wastes, climbing gears and other rubbish were discarded on the summit. Mt. Qomolangma was even dubbed as “the world’s highest garbage dump”.

In 1991, the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC), was set up to control the pollution. With tourist expedition booming, more and more trekkers and climbers throng into the Himalayas, laying a long siege to Mt. Qomolangma, where wastes, such as plastic, papers, empty oxygen cylinders, cans, bottles, helicopter debris and metals, can be found everywhere.

“More tourists mean we have to clean up more garbages. We have been seeking a solution to the pollution, which at present is not a big trouble-maker, but the challenge keeps mounting up,” said Ang Dorjee Sherpa, chairman of the SPCC. <Xinhua>


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