Mongolian engineers invent new duobuses

Top news in <MONTSAME>: Mongolian engineers invent doubuses of new model

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia /MONTSAME/ Mongolian engineers from the “Electronic transport” company has invented a new “JEA-800F” duobuses for public transport services in Ulaanbaatar.

The duobuses with 36 seats for 110 people have the double engines of diesel and generator. It will service in line from the end stop of the 3th and 4th residential areas to the trolleybus’s end stop in Khan-Uul district.

The duobus has a good advantages to reduce air pollution, and its fuel consumption in 100 km and operational cost are decreased by four times.

The “Electronic transport” company has constructed first “JEA-800” trolleybus in 2006, then 41 trolleybuses and duobuses of new models such as “Electrobus”, “Monbus” have been created and assemlied.

Also, they have exported two “JEA-800 F” duobuses to Kazakhstan in 2009.


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