Hallyu wave’ll continue to capture hearts of their global fans

It’s significant how the South Korean entertainment especially music (famously known as K-pop) managed to prevail Asia, Europe, USA, and even the Middle East. It’s the upbeat style, dances and their looks that manage to capture the hearts of their wide fan base.

Of course the Hallyu wave includes animation, games, and dramas but the main source of entertainment that was and still gaining a lot of fame is the music department. Bands like TVXQ/DBSK, Wonder Girls, Super Junior and a lot others are now known outside their homeland. The satellite and the Internet are making it a lot easier too, now there’s this Korean channel in Arabic, and hundreds, even thousands of bulletins and blogs spreading all the latest gossip about the Korean heart throbs.

Of course this great love can accompany it great dislike or discomfort with this new culture, doing what people may see as “invading” their privacy. In the Middle East people still don’t fully understand the whole culture of Korea and how can it be any different from its neighbors, Japan or China. In Japan, the case is different the argument here is more “political” over many issues like “Dokdo island” and other issues that may affect people there but it doesn’t affect the fan base of Tohoshinki or C.N.Blue or even F.T Island ,for example, who are widely known and active in Japan, maybe more than their activities in Korea.

People might wonder what’s so special about these artists or why would they be popular in a country over its local artists even? The answer is simple. People can relate to them, whether they were singing about love, happy life, or just going out with friends, people can relate. Also they have the “fresh face” factor; they’re something new and “unusual”.

Stereotypes play their role in manipulating people’s opinions about such artists, especially in countries that depends on word of mouth, or what they hear or read about this country. So, what you might see as cool, people in another country may see it lame or even silly. But I should praise the aspiring artists who are making a name for their selves in places they might never even visit. Hallyu wave is far more effective in so many ways; I’ll take myself as an example, being one of the people swept by the Hallyu wave, many things changed. It can affect how people dress and their fashion sense, their expectations in getting married or life even, and so on.

It’s important to say that there’s this project called “Hallyuwood” which is similar to “Bollywood” and Hollywood”, it’s actually like a complex that includes facilities like a theme park, hotels…etc. the Hallyu wave is making even more profit, good for them, and good for people addicted to the Hallyu wave.


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