Patent war of Apple vs. Samsung has yet to over

Later this year, it’s expected to hear the last of the ongoing war between Samsung and Apple, over patent rights. People have been going on about the technicalities and how Samsung ripped Apple’s rights, but let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

How it all started:

Firstly, for those who don’t know the whole fiasco, here’s a quick overview. Apple sued Samsung back in April, 2011, that several of its newly released phones and tablet infringed on Apple’s intellectual property: its patents, trademark, user interface, and style.

Apple’s evidence submitted to the court included side-by-side image comparisons of iPhone 3GS and Galaxy S to illustrate the alleged similarities in packaging and icons for apps.

However, the images were later found to have been manipulated in order to make the features of the two products seem more similar, and Samsung accused Apple of submitting misleading evidence to the court.

Since then Samsung and Apple have been going to multiple courts, about 50 lawsuits around the world, with billions of dollars worth damage, and Apple winning a ruling in the U.S, and Samsung in Korea and Japan.

Of course, it’s clear that if Samsung goes down, it’s not the only one going down; all Android-operating phones would suffer too.

Is it for money, really?

Though it’s clear that it’s not about the money, or the “patent rights”, is it? I mean many other companies released devices similar to the iPad or IPhone, and it couldn’t be a problem; and I don’t think that Apple needs the money. The problem here is that Samsung is a real competition.

Samsung is cheaper, folks. All the applications you’d have to buy in an IPhone, you’d get it for free in an android phone, as simple as that. For most people using cell phones and making comparisons on which one to buy, this point comes first.

I, for example, a user of both softwares like many others, would prefer to deal with Android-based phones. Why? It’s easier, cheaper, and not so ego-centered, that’s why.

And if it comes to this, then Samsung has the right to sue Apple for using computer chips and it would be fair.

Other motives, maybe?

Surely there would other motives behind this; it’s not as if suddenly Apple realized that Samsung electronics resemble theirs.

There is surely a political, economic, and other motives, it’s enough that they want to destroy their strongest competitor. Maybe even promoting the idea that Samsung is stealing rather creating is what Apple’s after, I mean it would be enough to scare people away.

But the question remains, what would be the fat of those using Android system phones and devices, especially those in question like, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab … etc. It’s important to know if it got banned, what would happen then, especially with the new iPhone 5 coming out?

Galaxy won a fight and Apple won another, but the war’s not over, not yet. We’ll just have to wait and know.

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