Top rookie Kpop groups and Korean dramas for 2015

Korean girl group, G-Friend.

Korean girl group, G-Friend.

Towards the end of the year, the Korean entertainment industry starts making a compilation of stars and dramas that gained most popularity through the year.

“Star News” conducted a survey to determine ‘2015’s Best Rookie Group,’ based on the expert opinions of 28 entertainment industry insiders such as agency reps, producers, broadcasting network producers, and critics.

The rookie girl group, G-Friend earned half of the votes, making them the most popular rookie group of 2015. Some of the experts justified their choice saying, “After G-Friend’s debut track ‘Glass Bead,’ they became a hot topic with another hit, namely ‘Me Gustas Tu.’ They succeeded in spreading their music far and wide to people of all ages, and their image of amicably approaching different generations left a good impression.” In the second place came the boy group Seventeen with five votes, and in the third place came the boy group iKON with four votes.

While in the drama world, “Entertainment Weekly” conducted a research ranking 2015’s most popular dramas based on viewership ratings. In their main category of “Top 0 most viewed dramas overall,” the romance melodrama “Yong Pal” came in the first place, with the romantic comedies “She Was Pretty” coming in the second place, and “The Producers” in the third place.

The most viewed cable drama was the family comedy “Reply 1988”, while the most viewed weekend drama was another family comedy, “What happens to my family?”

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