10 Interesting Facts About Borjomi Mineral Water

  1. borjomi_waterLegend has it that the name “Borjomi” comes from two words: “borj” (fortress) and “omi” (war). In the past, wars frequently happened in the area, during which Borjomi Canyon was a strategic military base; the mountains surrounding the city provided a natural fortress and were also perfect sites for watchtowers.
  2. By 1900 the production volume of Borjomi mineral water exceeded 1 million bottles per year.
  3. In 1980 <<Borjomi>> water became the first widely recognized brand in the Soviet Union; its white and red label was familiar to almost every consumer. Up to 1 million half-liter bottles were sold daily, whilst annual production volume reached 400 million bottles. With Borjomi becoming the most popular water in the Union, the brand earned its place in national history.
  4. Today Borjomi is bottled at the same spring as in 1890. From here it travels 2000km by sea from the Georgian port of Poti to Illichevsk in the Ukraine and beyond.
  5. The distinctive blue-green color of the “Borjomi” bottle is patented and has its own name: Georgian Green.
  6. Drinking Borjomi mineral water is good for dental health. The fluoride and iodide in the water help to decrease the risk of tooth decay.
  7. During Winston Churchill’s visits to the USSR “Borjomi” bottles were always placed on the table beside him as part of the official protocol.
  8. On returning from his mission into outer space, Yuri Gagarin’s first request was for a bottle of “Borjomi”. This was confirmed by Professor Volovish, who handled the operation’s medical support.
  9. During rehearsals, the famous Soviet theater director Giorgi Tovstonogov always sat in the 12th row and always required that a bottle of “Borjomi” be prepared for him in advance.
  10. Despite the Borjomi spring being in existence for over 1,500 years, its mineral composition remains unchanged, according to records made in 1890.

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