Chinese woman lives to 119

foreign201704191857000312085575363Luo Miechang, a woman from Du’an County in southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has lived for an amazing 119 years. Born in 1898, the centenarian gave birth to nine children, eight of who are still alive today. There are now more than 150 people and five generations in her family.

Indulging her love for light foods, Luo usually dines on polenta and green vegetables. She typically eats two meals a day, plus an extra egg and some pork liver. In addition, Luo enjoys fresh fruit.

Luo is a kind-hearted person who enjoys an excellent reputation in her village. She likes to help people, never stopping to weigh gains and losses. Though her living standards have greatly improved since her youth, she has never stopped doing farm work. She was still chopping and doing other manual labor when she was 90 years old.

Currently, Luo is still in good health, though she has been a smoker for more than 100 years. (People’s Daily)

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