Where to go: Boan Yeogwan

There aren’t many places that hold innocent history within its walls. But right in the heart of Seoul, in Tong-uidong, Boan Yeogwan(Inn) has for 80 years carried that kind of historical significance.
In 1936, Korean poet Seo Jeong-ju frequented this inn where he met with friends such as Kim Dong-ri and Kim Dal-jin (also poets) to co-publish a literary magazine called Poet’s Village. It is said that renowned writers including Lee Sang, Yun Dong-ju, and artist Lee Jung-sub also stayed at the inn quite often.
For a time, the Boan Yeogwan was closed due to financial difficulties, but Choi Sung-woo, CEO of Boan1942, was so taken by the place that he began a “creative restoration” process that would maintain the inn as a place where artists lived and breathed but also renovate it into a practical space.
Since 2010, Boan Yeogwan has welcomed guests as a public gallery.
Boan1942 is a compartment connected to Boan Yeogwan of which the B2 floor functions as a bookstore (Boanbooks Bar) in daytime and a bar at night.
 The B1 floor contains an exhibition hall and on the 1st floor, one can find a delicious food and beverage corner at the “ilsang dabansa”. Straight above, the 2nd floor, the “Boan Bookstore” sells only a single book, and on the 3rd and 4th floors, guests are invited to a cultural complex, the “Boan1942 Stay”,
offering a variety of activities and events.
By Kim Bobae and Lee Joo-hyeong

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