Why is Italian food popular and famous?


By Alireza Bahrami

TEHRAN: Whether you care about food or not, you must know about the fame and popularity of Italian food. Wherever you are in the world, when you decide to go to a restaurant, one of the options is usually an Italian restaurant. Why?

The country called “Italy” is not very old, but everyone knows that it has a long history. Ancient Rome is one of the historical roots of today’s Italian culture. So, the history of Italian food can be considered before the birth of Christ.

Also, the geographical location of Italy has been very effective in this regard. Peninsular countries such as Italy and South Korea have experienced the diversity of agricultural and marine products, which leads to food diversity. In addition, Italy’s position is close to African countries and Arab countries. As a result, there has been a cultural exchange with them.

Another important historical period in the fate of Italian cuisine is the colonial history. This history made the Italians exchange with the countries of the American continent. Italian people are also known for being warm-hearted. People whose lives have a special value in their minds.

As a result of the use of very diverse raw materials, recipes and diverse combinations and generous Italian culture, Italian cuisine has become very popular and famous in the world.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the entire diplomatic and consular network celebrate the week of Italian cuisine in the world every year. This celebration was born in 2016 to promote the development and promotion of Italian cuisine in the world.

The theme of the 2023 edition of the event is “At the Table with Italian Food: Health with Taste”. This topic aims to introduce the Mediterranean diet as a balanced diet related to a healthy and well-being life.

The Italian Embassy in Tehran also celebrated this ceremony in one of Tehran’s famous restaurants during the autumn weekend. The famous chefs and owners of big restaurants in Tehran were invited to be the guests of the Italian chef, who together with the Italian diplomatic delegation took them on a dream trip to the island of Capri. When the food was over, the guests realized that they had returned to Iran very quickly and went home with a smile.

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