Paper submission for Indonesian students conference extended

Due to overwhelming demands, Indonesian Students Conference 2013 extends the deadline submission for scientific research submission to April 28.

Conference of Indonesia Student in Korea 2013 – Extension of Paper Submission Deadline to April 28

Around 500 Indonesian students currently studying in the country of ginseng, South Korea. Despite living away from the homeland, the sense of togetherness and nationalism inspire them to actively participate in the Indonesian Students Association in Korea (PERPIKA) which is part of the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in various countries around the globe.

In July, PERPIKA will hold a conference that invites all Indonesian students, academicians, and practitioners from various fields of natural and social sciences to come to Korea. The 6th Conference of Indonesian Student Association in Korea (CISAK) is an annual event held in South Korea. This year, CISAK brings the theme of “Empowering National Pride with Knowledge Collaboration”. Cisak 2013 will be held on July 7, 2013 at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, South Korea.

“The idea of ​​’empowering national pride’ is inspired by the increasing number of Indonesian citizens who begin to lose optimism about the future of Indonesia”. Vina said Sari Yosephine, Chairman of the Committee of  CISAK 2013. Vina, S-2 student majoring in industrial and systems engineering at one of the best universities in South Korea, KAIST, hopes that through this conference, Indonesian national pride will be stronger and to revive the hope that Indonesia can become a great country.

One of CISAK 2013’s  visions is to call all Indonesian students all over the world to discuss and share research developments in their respective scientific fields. The goal is to develop research and educational development of the Indonesian people for the sake of finding efficient technology that can be applied as a solution and supporting the development of Indonesia.

In addition, the event proves that Indonesians are able to contribute to the knowledge and development of the global world. “With this collaboration, the efforts can be more effective and efficient as seen from many aspects, such as how to incorporate self-adaptive system of Computer Engineering with SmartGrid Technology for power savings of Energy Engineering without forgetting the economic and industrial side.” Vina added . This year, in collaboration with the Business Incubator Institution of Indonesia, MITI (Scientist and Technology Society of Indonesia), the results of Cisak 2013 research papers will have direct access to the industrial sectors in Indonesia.

To participate on CISAK 2013, please check our Facebook page on: or contact us at

Brief information of CISAK 2013:

We cordially invite all of you to submit paper for both oral and/or poster presentations upon these clusters:

1. Electronics, Communications and Informatics

2. Energy

3. Interdisciplinary Social Science

4. Healthcare and Pharmacy

5. Natural Science, Applied Science and Technology Innovation

6. Food and Agriculture

The paper submitted should comply to The CISAK 2013 Manuscript Templates. The paper length must be between 2 to 4 A4 pages including figures, tables and references. And due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to extend the paper submission deadline of CISAK 2013 to April 28, 2013. No submissions will be accepted after that date. 

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