Knowledge collaboration: Indonesian students in Korea to hold conference

Research Paper submission deadline for CISAK 2013 is extended to April 28.

Indonesian Students Association in Korea (PERPIKA) this year presents Conference of Indonesian Students in Korea (Cisak) the 6th. Cisak 2013 will be held in Daejon, South Korea on July 7.

Students, academics and practitioners from around the world are invited to attend the conference which is also a Research Paper Competition with various clusters of natural and social sciences: Electronics, Communications and Information Technology, Energy, Inter-disciplinary of Social Science, Health and Pharmaceutical , Natural Sciences, Applied Technology and Innovation, as well as Food and Agriculture.

With the theme of “Empowering National Pride through Knowledge Collaboration”, PERPIKA hopes to encourage enhancement of education and research in Indonesia in order to contribute to the development and competitiveness of Indonesia in the international world.

Participants will compete in the spirit of fairness to obtain awards for Best Paper, Best Poster and Honorary Mentions. Let us meet one of the winner of CISAK 2012.

Wahyono, 25, doctoral student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ulsan, South Korea, is the winner of the Best Poster at Cisak 2012 for his research in the field of technology, the utilization of Skin Detection for Porn Picture Detector Application.

“Glad and did not expect to win, but I was still new in Korea. Because of this (Cisak), my research while in my undergraduate study was known by colleagues and I got a lot of positive feedback for the future development of my project. ” Wayhono explained.

After completing the Bachelor program at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Wayhono decided to continue his study to South Korea.

“Korea is a country that is advanced in technology implementation. Life in terms of research is satisfying because of complete research facility “. Wayhono said when asked about his decision to move to South Korea.

In addition to an academic event, Wahyono said that Cisak also a place to meet fellow Indonesian students in foreign country. “I wanted to share and discussion about my research to my friends … also wanted to mingle with fellow students from Indonesia.” Wahyono told why he was keen to follow Cisak 2012.

He also added that Cisak is an event not to be missed by Indonesian students because in addition to lots of interesting research papers presented in Cisak, the conference is also an opportunity for participants to share knowledge and experiences studying abroad, as well as networking.

Wahyono is currently developing research on the Environment Understanding through computer vision.

To make sure that more of Indonesian students have this opportunity to join CISAK 2013, PERPIKA extends the Research Paper submission deadline to April 28, 2013.

Submit your paper, join the Indonesian Conference with fellow Indonesian Students from all over the globe and grab the opportunity!

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