[London Olympics] ④ The art of the millions

*Editor’s note: This is the forth of six-part stories on the London Olympics

I can’t enumerate the art and photographic exhibitions forming an art marathon across London.

However, whatever you think of you will find it, thanks to the international spirit of the festival organizers and out of the idea of the melting point, as Britain, on whose empire the sun once-never set, wants the world’s suns to shine in its summer filled with noble sporting competitions.

Young men and women are coming up with ideas for the exhibitions, competing in paintings, writing songs about the Olympics and dancing. The youth are the main theme; we are talking about the future.

For nine days, from 7-15 July, about five million people will take part in the biggest dance festival: in shops, parks, exhibitions and museums, showing the diversity of the meanings of this art which, with body language, expresses the world’s hopes and pains.

The biggest festival of the arts of the disabled is also one of the main highlights of London’s cultural Olympiad, mixing sport, culture and art presented by those who lost a sense or an organ, sponsored by certain institutions.

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