Grandson Kim: Who laughs last?

In the 1940s, the German leader Adolf Hitler was going on building his Greatest Germania; a target that was not accepted by his far enemies or by his competing neighbors. The survival of the better economically and scientifically Hitler, compared by Europe’s countries, meant that there will be a fierce power that does not forgive less stronger powers.

The decision was taken by all of those against the Nazi to force him to fight the WWII. With war, alone, will the destruction, and when Europe is demolished, as a temple on the head of Hitler, the West will build it again, according to their wishes. The millions died, but Hitler was defeated.

After two decades or more, the Egyptian leader of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was building his dream, with big achievements and minor disadvantages of the one-man rule, remembering the High Dam, the national industries, and the middle-class dream came true. Even the Arab Middle East dream of a greater united nation was simply closer than ever.

But this did not serve the interests of the major powers, which had not succeeded in eliminating Nasser after the nationalization of the Suez Canal (1956). Then, it was necessary to push him for the war, at any price. Only in wars, he would lose. It was at the 1967 war, later renamed setback June that Nasser was defeated, and Egypt lost the battle to go ahead.

Again, after two decades or more, the Iraqi Arab army was involved in a long war with Iran; a war was not enough to eliminate that progressing power. So, the country, under many conspiracies known later, was pushed for going through a devilish adventure to invade the Arab neighboring Kuwait, a war that was the gate opened to destroy Iraq, and get it as its is now.

Again, and again, we are now after two decades or more, since Saddam’s invasion, and the third party in the International equation; United States, (as usual), is forcing one of its longtime enemies (North Korea) to go for war. The opponent of the States is not only North Korea. I say that it is also South Korea, the strong economy of the Korean Peninsula, and the Asia. The States had caused damages of its economies, especially in auto and technology markets (Apple). So the solution is to push the region to war. There is no more dangerous than a young man who wants to prove that he is not less powerful than his father and grandfather.

Away from our evaluation, we cannot put the names mentioned in one basket; Hitler, Nasser, Saddam, and Kim are not equal, personally or politically. But the attacks are going on against the young Kim, even in the Arab region, where media did not waste time to participate in criticizing the (boy).

Everyone laughs, without caring of alleged victims in a possible war. But who laughs last?

We wish to wise politicians to sit, to re-read any page of the history of battles in war, and then, no one will laugh.

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