In the animal kingdom, a sheep can’t be a king

A sheep head with the word "Leave" written in a demonstration against Muslim Brotherhood.

In the animal kingdom, a sheep can’t be a king.

The sentence written above was so simple, but the reactionary rage over reading it “from the Muslim Brotherhood” was so huge.

It started when Mr. Ihab Al Salmawi prepared the English second term exam for the students of the secondary grade schools in the governorate of Alexandria, Egypt. The students were asked to translate a sentence from Arabic to English, says: In the animal kingdom, a sheep can’t be a king.

caricature by Hany Tolba on the new government oath said by new ministers related to the Muslim Brotherhood: I swear to obey the leader and make help for MB members and families!

Mr. Al Salmawi, Senior supervisor in the English Department, Alexandria, refused what was attributed to him as a charge of “insulting the president, and involving political issues in exams prepared for first-graders secondary schools” as the management in the ministry of education said.

His rejection of the charge came during a telephone intervention with the media, in the TV program “Life Today” on the channel “Life,” where he said he was interrogated after being told that there are complaints against him by parents, pointing out that the “sentence” was out of context of the school general curriculum.

an activist photographed by Mostapha Darwis, writing with a spray on the wall of the Presidency Palace: This is the house of the Sheep!

Mr. Al Salmawi continued: “I do not belong to any political faction, and I had not have any political purposes of the exam, and the outcome of the investigation did not show yet, especially because I was surprised that the topic has become a big issue.”

For a year, after the President Mohammed Morsi, being elected, his loyalty to Muslim Brotherhood has been the guide to each of his steps and decisions. As a member of Muslim Brotherhood he has to show his obedience to the Higher Office of the MB system. An indication that many activists related it with the behavior of sheep! So, it was easy to relate that sentence with the common sense known for every Egyptian of the Muslim Brotherhood members. And it is yet true that ” In the animal kingdom, a sheep can’t be a king.”

A sheep is offered food in a TV program against the ruling of the dictator.

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