Islam’s view on Obama’s reelection

Back to the school of Sultan Obama!

In the summer of 2009, many Egyptians admired the US president Barrack Obama’s visit to the Sultan Hassan Mosque in his way to Cairo University for delivering his important speech to Islamic World.

For many, Obama was considered – at the very beginning – that he is the only chance for Arabs and Muslims to get some rights from the western world, especially US, that is considered – in many opinions – the No. 1 enemy, not only in the Middle East, but in the world!

Being coming from a Muslim background and family, and being a man with African grandfathers, Obama could be seen as a man who could solve the problems of minorities, disarmed, weak, poor, and humble nations.

Of course the Sultan Hassan Mosque is considered stylistically the most compact and unified of all Cairo monuments. It is one of the masterpieces of Mamluk architecture. The building was commissioned by Sultan Hassan bin Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun in 1356 A.D. as a mosque and religious school for all four juristic branches of Sunni Islam. It was designed so that each of the four schools of thought – Shafi, Maliki, Hanafi and Hanbali – has its own area while sharing the mosque. Its construction started in 1356 A.D. and ended 7 years later in 1363 A.D. One of the minarets collapsed during construction killing 300 people. The state was able to fund the massive structure through the properties that were left behind by the victims of the Black Death.

But Obama’s visit was sought as a gesture of respect, a wave of a new wave in the policies of the States. Even the Nobel Peace prize was given to the man who had not used yet to be in his oval White House!

Most of the dreams have vaporized.  No peace process was encouraged, more wars were fired, more fanatic voices are positioned in authority, with a secret or an open help of Obama’s United States, more hatred to the role of the world mass power No.1.

Every observer, an expert or not, could realize how did the policy of Obama is dealing with both opposing camps, until the announcement of one of the as a triumphed, then comes the foreign affairs to wash the past with new hopes that never be approached.

It seemed very clear that either of Obama or his competitor, in their elections campaigns, was eager to announce that they stand with and support firmly all demands of Israel, that means for millions in the region that both of the men are against finding a justice solution of the Palestinians whom were deprived from their land and nation since 1948.

Now, Sultan Obama is re-crowned again to settle in his white palace. But there shall be more wars, more injustice, and more fanatic reactions that could not help. It needed a miracle to have a black man chosen as the U.S. President 4 years ago, but it needs another miracle to get better future for the Middle East for the new coming 4 years!

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