The AsiaN’s Arabic version marks six-month anniversary with success

Six months ago, it was just a dream to start a new version of The AsiaN addressed to readers in more than 20 countries whom their mother tongue is Arabic.

Today, with more than 2000 articles submitted, attached by 3000 plus photos uploaded, sent from more than 100 contributors, of Arab and Asian writers, thinkers, artists and journalists, I feel that we are all going altogether on the right track, within the completion of 6 months, since the start of The AsiaN in Arabic, launched on November 11, 2012.

I am really appreciating the huge work done by everyone linked to this first step success. They all devoted their time and efforts to grow that success with passion.

The spark that has enlighten the very beginning road was by establishing the Asia Journalist Association(AJA), that will celebrate its first decade anniversary next year. Among the members – who are now belonging to more than 50 countries – dreams were born, one after another, and grew a year after another.

The imaginary idea of communicating with the world in a broader way became true with the birth of the 18 month old Next News Network; The AsiaN. Now with its current versions in Arabic, Korean, Chinese and English, it could address its contents to more than the half of the world population, a task that will be widened soon by launching the Turkish version, and a mission that will be more focused when it appears in a print version, via Magazine N, as well.

Some vivid sign of our success story, I am proud of, was being able to sign MOUs with very prominent media and cultural organizations in the Arab world; Al-Arabi magazine from Kuwait, Al-Hilal magazine from Egypt, and the Union of Writers from Morocco. A tie up work that could easily open the team work of the members in those organizations.

Some other bright mark was winning the Manhae Prize twice, by authors from Kuwait and Morocco, as well. It means that the presence of Arabs, for the first time, in the list of honor in that prestigious award was a special reward of the efforts done by AJA and The AsiaN members alike.

And for me, I am happy that I could introduce the top two figures of poetry in Korea for Arab readers. First, Mr. Ko Un, whom I selected 60 poems of his unique poetry to translate and publish them in Arabic, and later to celebrate together with that same book, One Thousand and One Lives, in Korea, with the legendary poet himself.

The second, was my experience with the recent work I translated and published, twice, in Oman and Egypt, Far-Off Saint, written by the great poet and Monk Cho Oh-hyun, who blessed our launching team of The AsiaN in Arabic, when we visited his temple and enjoyed his wisdom and philosophy, a few days before the event.

I consider those both translations as a good introductory way of the Korean culture and literature for Arab readers, something we need to focus on more and more. And this was the reason to interview many Asian intellectuals in my TV program “The Other”, that focuses on introducing other cultures and civilizations for Arab viewers.

Our task of building a bridge between the two sides; Asians and Arabs, was supported by contributors from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and other contributors from the Asian countries whose articles are being translated into Arabic.

A step-by-step we add more sections for the Arabic version of the AsiaN. So, readers cannot find only views, and news, but they also read about the most recent books published, the great works of all time world music, the chosen chapters of the Arab novels, all types blogs, interviews with VIPs, photo reports of travels, new Korean culture trends, caricatures, and videos.

But, as I always insist to say, we are still at the beginnings. Once I wrote: “In the heavy rain, no one feels, a lonely drop of water”. I was that drop that is now enjoying being in the arms of rivers, the hands of lakes, and the custody of oceans, of happiness being with the family members, the other pure water drops, of AJA and The AsiaN.

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