The Art: The revolution protector

Here they are, Muslim Brothers and Salafists, who oppose arts,  wearing fake beards that did not stop them from committing crimes in religion, politics and life as well. Calling us Non-faithful!

For the all who disagree with them are criminals, and all arts that they do not like are illegal. They do not consider the glorious poetry of Ahmed Shawki, as long as they have their own cheap verses. They do not think that Refaa Tahtawi who called for illuminating education is, nor representing them, as some among them are against learning languages other than Arabic. They had not heard of shining shots written by Yahya Taher Abdullah as narrative flashes, as they are slaves of chatter and jingles and cava harangue.

They do not smile when they watch the comedian Ismail Yassin because they advocate grim in public whatever they have in their secret red nights. They do not amuse the tunes of musician and singer like Mohammed Fawzi because the own dead ruggedness hearts. They only listen to the loud voices of hypocrisy. They do not understand the poet Beiram Al-Tunisi and his genius when he used to carry – even in exile – his homeland in his heart wherever he went.

They do not believe in the famous poem of Amal Dunqul The Stone Cake on Tahrir Square, as they want to divide it by copying a distorted version of Kandahar. They do not know Salah Jahine who coined hope and suffered pain. They did not leave a thinker such as Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid whom they forced to celebrate the victory of ignorance. They cannot feel tuned with Mohamed Abdel Wahab songs, who trained the River Nile to enjoy his eastern music. They did not learn from journalist Louis Grace who grows and took care of creativity in every gasp and exhale until being spread all over the nation.

They do not bow to the poet Hafez Ibrahim the protector of poetic language, as they are against his poems and life for allegedly waiting for Day of Judgment and its life. They do not listen to sheikh Mohamed Refaat, instead they bring the tapes recorded abroad for tough voiced simply because they are registered and sealed with the green flags of Wahabists. They do not recognize the cinema director Shadi Abdel Salam as the neglect the importance of cinema and the greatness of that cinematographer. They are not happy as we – Egyptians and Arabs – used to be for half a century by our cinema Cinderella; actress Soad Hosni, as they want 9 years old girls to marry, and be kept blocked in the house with a dusty beard men.

They do not feel comfort with the actor Najib Rihani’s philosophy and his black comedy, because they are the makers of foolish tragedy. They do not remember Yusuf Idris while remembering semi-writers. They do not gaze at the actor Ahmed Zaki in his sincere representation of cinema roles, because they have their own fake actors like Pinocchio with glasses and nose false nose. They are harmed by the great art of Um Kalthoum because she united the nation and revived the art.

They do not care of novelist Ihsan Abdul Quddus as they want to erase his legacy and heritage of his comrades, and falsely they think they would succeed. They do not read to say they know the wisdom of novelist and short story teller Ibrahim Aslan. They are not national, so we cannot say they are aware of  Sayed Darwish value. They are not poets to say that they believe in Salah Abdel-Sabour poetry. They are not sightseers to name Dr. Taha Hussein as their dean. They are not storytellers so we could say that Naguib Mahfouz is their uncle. All they know about thinker and writer Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad is only that it is a Street in Nasr City, Cairo.

They think singer Abdel Halim Hafez, is only the voice of July 1952 Revolution, they forget that he is living in the hearts of lovers Egyptians, not only a voice for the late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel-Nasser, whom is considered  their sole enemy. They do not realize that actor Abdel-Fattah Al-Qasry is fighting unstable figures lie them. They do not forget the poet Naguib Surur biting cynicism, and do not feel that Yahya Hakki, even when he was sweepings the rubbish of his shop, they were not there, as they should be  in the dustbin of history, and they will not forget how cinema director Youssef Chahine uncovered their evils in his films.

For these and dozens of others, may be hundreds or even thousands of those Egyptian creators, the revolution will not die, it is protected by art, and in the heart of every Egyptian there is an artist with a roaring voice in Tahrir Square, who believe in change, took him from the yard of dream to the field reality.

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