[Indonesia Report] Flood at Padang leaves hundreds of evacuees

Recent flood in Indonesia inundates a residential region in Padang. (Photo : Kompas.com)

Padang, the capital of Indonesian’s West Sumatra Province hit by flash flood Tuesday (July24) evening, left hundreds of people evacuated from their homes.

Casualties are not yet being confirmed. Previously, Indonesian local media, Tempo.com as cited in The Jakarta Globe reported 8 people missing. Later another local media, Kompas, quoted Fauzi Bahar, mayor of Padan, as denying the casualty report.

“We have checked the affected region several times, but there were no confirmed report of any casualties despite of indication of casualties in two other districts,” the mayor said.

He added, according to Padang’s Local Disaster Mitigation Agency’s record, the number of those evacuated from four districts totaled 272. Number of evacuees in two other districts is still being collected. 

Indonesian SAR team has not yet been able to confirm on the number of families that are still isolated. Evacuation is still undergoing.

Five houses reportedly swept by the flash flood, hundreds were still under water, and two bridges were damaged.

Flood also swept livestock and swamped tens of hectares of rice plants.

According to a report early Wednesday (July 25), the flood that started around 6.30 PM local time Tuesday, the water depth reaches to an adult’s chest height.

The flood also made two machines for water intake that were owned by a local water company being out of order. Because of the damage, 70,000 consumers in Padang will be affected.

Head of Emergency and Logistic of Local Disaster Mitigation Agency, Ade Edward, said that the flood was caused by the overflow of Batang Kuranji River.

Local Disaster Mitigation Agency issued alert for the flood disaster areas, particularly to the people living near Batang Kuranji River.

Sumatera Island was hit by a 6.6-magnitude earthquake at 7.30 a.m. Wednesday (July 25), according to US Geological Survey. NDTV, an Indian  TV broadcasting Co.,  reported that Indonesia’s meteorology agency issued no tsunami warning and confirmed there were no reports of casualties or damage so far. Australian Bureau of Meteorology also said that the quake did not pose tsunami threat to Australia.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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