[Indonesian Report] Indonesians celebrate 67th anniversary of Independence Day

Indonesian Flag Raiser Force raise the heritage flag on Indonesian Independence Day's Flag Raise Ceremony in Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Indonesia on August 17th, 2012 (Photo: tempo.co)

Since early this month, Indonesian red and white flags have been waving in every corner of the country. Each houses, schools, offices has raised the flags since then until this awaiting moment of August 17, The Independence Day of Indonesia. This is an annual ritual that Indonesians do to celebrate their independence from the Dutch occupation for over 3.5 decades, 67 years ago.

Each neighborhood holds their own games to celebrate the Independence Day, they called “August 17th Competition.” Children and adults join the games. Typical games that Indonesians play every year in the August 17th Competition are sack race, spoon marble race, tug of war, crackers eating competition, Areca nut climbing, poetry and singing competition.

Indonesians competing on tug of war on August 17th competition (Photo: indahnazty.blogspot.kr)

Children plays on crackers eating competition on August 17th competition (Photo:gentamarles.blogspot.kr)

They compete on the games for prizes but above all are to remember the merit of Indonesian war heroes while also celebrating the togetherness with the fellow citizens.

In government level, the main occasion is held in the Indonesian Presidential Palace in Jakarta, Indonesian capital city. This year 66 young male and female high school students were chosen to be the National Flag Raiser Force. The students came from many provinces across Indonesia to spend a month on quarantine to be trained to raise the heritage flag perfectly on the Independence Day.

The flag raise ceremony was led by Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as the Inspector of the ceremony.

Indonesians play tug of war on August 17th competition (Photo: babycolorshq.blogspot.com)

Around 8.000 people attended this year’s Flag Raise Ceremony, from Indonesian President and vice president, former presidents and vice presidents, cabinet ministers, government agencies’ leaders, to the members of parliament.

Children play marble race on August 17th competition (Photo: gaul.solopos.com)

The flag raise ceremony was aired in almost all TV stations in the country.

Every year, on August 16th Indonesian President delivers a State Speech to the parliament. President SBY on his speech this year presented his cabinet works on economics and corruption eradication effort as well as the state 2013 budget draft.

To cover the declining on export sector, SBY said government focus was now to

Children play sack race on August 17th competition (Photo: klikbandung.com)

increase investment in the country and he was aware of some complaints from investor on the investment climate and legal certainty.

“How we have to expand our infrastructure. Investment climate and legal certainty have to be enforced to make sure it would not be an obstacle.” SBY said.

In order to provide easier access for investment in Indonesia, Indonesian government is now working on evaluating thousands of local regulation in order to be aligned with the central regulation to ensure legal certainty for investors.

In May 2011, Indonesian government launched a Master Plan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic. Since then, 135 infrastructure development projects along with projects in real sector with total investment of more than 490 trillion Rupiah or about US$52 million dollar have been implemented.

SBY who is in his second and last presidential term announced Indonesia’s economic growth for 2013 is targeted to reach 6.8 percent. It is higher than this year’s target of 6.5 percent growth.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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