[Indonesia Report] Ambon, home for high quality pearls

Ambon is well-known for it's high quality pearls (http://www.thebalipearl.com/)

Pearl is one of women’s favorite jewelries. In Ambon, Maluku Province in Indonesia, domestic and international tourists come there for Pearls.

Ambon is well-known for pearl for a long time. Reputedly, pearl in Dutch Queen’s crown is come from Ambon.

Jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, ring to earring and other accessories made of pearls are common to be found in Ambon.

Kompas, Indonesian Mass Media, published article exploring the beauty of Ambonese Pearl.

Not only the Pearl, clam’s shell also be used to make an exotic and beautiful hand crafts.

Kompas interviewed one of a shell hand craft shop owner, Lita (58).

The owner lady said that Ambon has a high quality pearl compare to other states. Because of a good cultivation, the pearl has its unique appeal to pearl lovers.

“Usually tourists look for the integrality of the shape, color, size, and flawlessness of the pearl,” Lita said.

Lita started her pearl accessories business 15 years ago in Ambon.

She described that pearl can be distinguished into seawater pearl and freshwater pearl.

Seawater Pearl is more expensive than freshwater one since the quality is better, Lita told.

Lita sells seawater pearl for around IDR 250,000 Indonesia Rupiah or around US $28 Dollar to IDR 400,000 or around US $45 Dollar.

And for freshwater pearl, it costs around IDR 25,000 to IDR 50,000 or around US $3 to 6 Dollar.

Lita gave a tip to shop a pearl. She said, “To assese the differences of seawater and freshwater pearl, feel the weight and the color.”

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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