[Korea Report] Itaewon Global Village Festival 2012 held on Oct. 12-14

Itaewon Global Village Festival held on October 12-14, 2012 (Photo: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr)

Itaewon Global Village, a festival in Itaewon, Seoul, started Friday (Oct. 12) to go through Monday (Oct. 14). During the performances, outdoor booths selling various commodities and food  were in operation. A variety of cultural performances from various countries were to take place.

According to its official page, Itaewon Global Village Festival has been started from 2008 and became an annual event for local and foreigners residing here to get together and enjoy cultural exchanges of many countries.

Traditional dancers from Africa, Thailand, Russia, and some other countries were invited to please the people this year, beside performances from Korean Pop music industry such as Sisters and local indie bands.

For three days, Itaewon’s street was changed into a car-free street, where people can walk along the street and enjoy booths, selling foods, accessories and souvenirs from Asian to African countries.

Hundreds of locals and foreigners crowded the street. Some of them sat in the chairs provided in the middle of the street while watching movies in a big projector screen and also watching foreign talent show performances in the other time.

The event was a blast for foreigners who live in Seoul, especially for those who miss their home country.

Nadia, a Russian student who is studying in Seoul, said “I am so glad that they have this event. I want to visit Russian booth and eat.”

Another fascinating thing Nadia said was to be able to see other beautiful traditional crafts from various countries, especially Africa, she said.

“I always love Africa. I bought several necklaces from their booth and enjoy the unique crafts they display there.” Nadia said.

Various authentic foods and beverage from Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, United States, Korea and many other countries could be found there.

Itaewon is a district known as an international village in Seoul, because many of foreigners come there to spend time, enjoying various international restaurants and shops.

Itaewon Global Village Festival was hosted by Itaewon Special Tour Zone Association and was sponsored by Seoul City Government.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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