Foreign Student’s first experience of taking school exams in Korea

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Mid Term Examination period officially ended for Korean university students. Many students must hope that their weeks of preparation for the exam would pay off.

Cafes are turning into place for hanging out once again, not as ‘fun study room’ anymore.

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Some universities might even have started to enter final examination preparation by now.

In my university, Korea University, Mid Term Examination for Graduate School ended last week. I am, personally, anxious to wait for the results.

The type of examination that I got was essay kind of examination. Most of the questions were based on the discussion and material from research papers that we elaborated in class.

For one class, we got some expected questions for the essays and another examination was open book test.

So students had time to prepare themselves better for the exam with more focus direction from the abundant of materials that had been covered in classes.

I prepared myself for the exam by studying together with my other foreign students. We discussed topics and went through the papers that we did before in the class.

The examination turned out as expected but still we are waiting to see whether the result will be satisfying or not.

Saw my friends’ smile and satisfaction in their faces after the last examination was over, I believe that their efforts would be worth it.

Even though this is my second semester in Korea University, but this was the first time I had Mid Term Examinations. In my previous semester, I had classes with professors who chose to have paper reviews than written examinations. So it was quite an experience for me.

Soon my curiosity about the result will be answered and until then I will keep my finger cross that it would be a great result.

Having a great grade for my tests is actually just an extra. The most important part was that we had time to review our knowledge we picked up during the first half semester and hopefully enhances our understanding. Hoping that the knowledge later could serve as useful assets in our future work fields.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter

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