[Korea Report] Making wax hands of your own would be memorable souvenir

A foreigner takes picture with her own handmade wax in Seoul National Science Museum (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

Being spoiled and enchanted with various cute, creative and authentic ornaments wherever your eyes looking at, is what most of foreigners feel when they visit souvenirs place in Insa-dong or any other places in Seoul.

But what we found authentic recently on my Indonesian friends last visit to Seoul is in a Korean Museum.

What we found was something special that we can make our own souvenir  to bring home. It was in Seoul National Science Museum where we can gain knowledge on science and enjoy the sophisticated design of various items on display.

We found a stand inside the museum, in the second floor, there was a mini shop displaying variety of wax arts from hearts, hands to abstract shapes.

The displays were colorful and in a really beautiful shapes that can be used as decoration or even a useful stuff as accessories hanger, as a wax hand that my friend bought.

A shop keeper help a foreigner to dip her hand in a wax liquid to make a hand wax souvenir (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

What is special from this kind of souvenir is that you can make the wax by using the pattern of your own hand. So you can bring home your own authentic wax hand shape that you can use as decoration for your home back in your country.

The steps were simple and not take too long time. The shop keeper would help you to dip your hand to two kinds of wax liquids to create the wax shape of your hand. The idea of dipping your hand to make a wax might quit worrisome for you, but do not be worry because the liquid is safe for your skin and it is not hurtful. You would only feel a bit cold of the liquid.

After several times of dipping your hand to the wax, then a white solid wax would be formed in your hand, then the shop keeper would take it off from your hand and there you go, your own hand shape wax is created.

To make it beautiful, the shop keeper would dye the wax in several colors as purple, green, yellow, red, and blue.

You can see all the process of the making and it would only take around 15 minutes.

When your hand shape wax is done, you can then use them to hang your necklace, or put your ring in the wax finger or even keep your bracelet or watch on the wrist to keep your accessories neatly.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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