[Indonesia Report] Indonesia plastic surgeons enjoy booming business

Well-known Korean actor, Lee Min-Ho (Photo: www.wowkeren.com)

Indonesia is hit by Korean Wave Fever. Not only female but also male’s awareness of appearances is increasing nowadays. According to one of Indonesian mass media, Berita Satu.com, Dr. Enrina, owner of a plastic surgery clinic Ultimo, said in an interview during this past one year, the male patients increased 15 to 20 percent.

“Previously, from the total patients, only 10 percent was male. Now, around 80 percent patients are female.” Enrina told the media.

Most of the male patients are on their 40s. Because of a more competitive society and work environment, male adults are more conscious on their appearances.

Male patients usually come to her clinic to do surgery for their nose, tapering their faces and liposuction.

And for female, they usually come for liposuction, breast implant, eyes or nose surgery.

Dr. Enrina said that because of the Korean Wave, a lot of Indonesian women with oriental faces want to change their eyes like that of Korean entertainment celebrities.

“I personally went to study in South Korea to know their supremacy in the esthetic surgery. I found that their excellence is in eyes and nose.” Enrina added.

Enrina explained that actually the quality of Indonesian esthetic surgeons and Korean are competitive, and the price in Indonesia is even lower.

For nose surgery in Jakarta, it would cost around IDR 9 million or around KWR 1 million to IDR 21 million or around KWR 2,5 million.

The price is depending on the area that a patient wants to correct. To create eyelids or to eliminate wrinkles would cost less than KWR 1 million to KWR 3 million.

For Cheek Fat Pad Removal would cost around KWR 1,5 million, around KWR 7 to 8 million for breast implants and Stem Cell Breast Augmentation for around KWR 11 million.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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