[Korea Report] People enjoy autumn leaves ablaze with a variety of colors

River Flows and Red-leaves trees along the Naejangsan National Park, Southern Korea (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

Entering mid- November, temperature in Korea is getting lower. Before all the leaves fall and ready to enter winter, a trip to a mountain to witness the beauty of leaves turning red is too precious to miss.

One of Korea’s most famous places to enjoy the red-leaves is in Naejangsan National Park in Southern Korea.

The scenery along the mountain in Naejangsan National Park is breathtaking. Whole mountain is surrounded by trees with colorful leaves from yellow, orange to red.

Local and foreign tourists can enjoy the scenery by hiking to the peak of the mountain, by taking cable car or walking leisurely while taking pictures of blazing autumn leaves

There is a beautiful river flowing along the way in the national park, making the beauty of the scenery perfect.

Outside the national park, there is a small village for tourists to enjoy. There are souvenirs shops, motels, restaurants, mini markets and a traditional market.

Shops, Restaurants and Motel outside Naejangsan National Park, Southern Korea (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

The traditional outdoor market sells a lot of Korean foods such as grilled quail, grilled pork and traditional Korean rice cakes.

When you visit Naejangsan, one thing that you must not miss is the food. It is famous with the side dishes. Korean meals have a lot of side dishes to company the main dishes.

Main Courses with tens of side dishes in a restaurant in Naejangsan, Southern Korea (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

To experience the feeling to eat like a king, you must try the meal set they offer for around US$ 20 dollar per person. They serve 4 main dishes with 21 side dishes.

The motel is pretty affordable, with around US$ 100 per night for single king size bed.

You can go to Naejangsan Naitonal Park by taking bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Jeong Eub for only US$ 13 and then take bus from Jeong Eub to Naejangsan National Park for only around US$ 1 dollar.

Red-leaves trees at Naejangsan National Park, Southern Korea (Photo: Meidyana Rayana)

To take a break from a rush metropolitan city’s life in Seoul, spending sometime in Naejangsan is a way to feel relieve.

With beautiful mountain scenery, stunning red-leaves color, fresh air and small town slow pace of life, plus a slightly warmer temperature than Seoul, Naejangsan is a must go place for Autumn.

Meidyana Rayana Intern Reporter news@theasian.asia

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